Roof Damage Awareness with KVOA Winner

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FREE Roof Inspection
September 25, 2015
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Roof Damage Awareness with KVOA Winner

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Congratulations to Dale DeNunzio! Thank you to KVOA Channel 4 News for hosting the first ever Monsoon Master competition!

Roof damage is a primary focus for our business as a local roofing company. In the midst of monsoon season, we realized it is our responsibility to raise awareness. Sponsoring KVOA’s Monsoon Master’s competition was the best way to do just that!

Roof damage is caused by a number of different catalysts. These can range from flying golf balls, sun and heat exposure, or simple wear and tear from old age.  The most serious roof damage occurs when a roof has been neglected. Failure to maintain a roof in Tucson during monsoons guarantees a breach in the integrity of the roof system. This is when leaks develop. Leaks will wreak havoc on your home.

Roof damage is often overlooked. Many home owners will neglect the maintenance of their roof with the belief it is in good condition because there are no leaks. This is not true. A leak is the result of existing  roof damage.  Identifying roof damage before a leak will save you money and peace of mind.  This is why we will offer a free roof inspection. We can identify any roof damage to prevent future leaks. Call us today and schedule your FREE roof inspection. 520-888-6707. Don’t delay, call TODAY!

Congratulations again to Dale DeNunzio! Great job on being the first to predict the exact amount of rain received in Tucson this year during the 2015 monsoon season. We would also like to  thank KVOA Channel 4  News for hosting the competition that allowed us to raise roof damage awareness with Tucson homeowners. We value the opportunity to spread the word on the importance of consistent roof maintenance and inspections. Remember to be proactive and not reactive. Let us stop the leak before it starts!



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