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Tear-Off at Bob’s
April 24, 2015
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Re-Roof A Shingle Story

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Re-Roof at Local Tucson Roofing Company!

We have so many exciting things going on here at Bob’s Custom Roofing! Recently we launched our brand NEW website and today we have started to tear off our old roof and prepare to re-roof at our location 2560 W. Zinnia Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705. Please stop by and take a look at the project!

It is almost noon and finally some silence while the guys take a lunch break from our re-roof project. The noise from the tear off is deafening and it can be difficult to hear one’s self think. Also fearful, someone is going to fall through the rough any minute!

Inconvenient as it may be, we are definitely overdue for a new roof, especially with the monsoon’s on their way! If you are from Tucson, you should know what that means.  So, we are saying goodbye to our OLD wood shake and hello to NEW TAMKO Heritage Premium shingles. Choosing the color after we decided not to re-roof with a wood shake again, was the most difficult part. Using TAMKO‘s StyleSelect™ Color & Style Selector helped tremendously in deciding the color as it allowed us to visualize online what the different colors would look like.

The wood shake has been in place since the office was built. Replacing with shingles seemed wrong as the wood shake contributed to the character that sets our roofing office apart from all of the other’s in Tucson.

Personally, I will miss the shake and am still undecided on whether I am going to like our new look. Only time will tell and now we have started the tear off, our complete re-roof is on it’s way to completion.  Taking video and pictures of this process is fun and will be nice to have around another 40 years from now when it is time again for another re-roof! Check out the before pics and in progress videos and continue to check in with us periodically on our blog to see how our project is coming along!

If you have a hole in your roof, or need a whole re-roof, call us today for a FREE estimate! (520) 888-6707 or email us at [email protected]


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  1. Greg says:

    Awesome! Such a great work. I am considering to call you whenever I have problems with my roof. I am also recommending you to my circles. Would be helpful if you post your rates, too.

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