Roofing Contractor Serving Tucson – Storm Damage – Roof Repairs


Roofer working on repairing a shingleBob’s Custom Roofing has been doing roof repairs in the Tucson area for over 40 years. We service both residential and commercial businesses. If you are looking for expert roofers who don’t charge and arm and a leg give us a call today. We offer free estimates and we are insured, certified, and bonded to work in the Tucson area.


Basic Roof Repairs

From lost shingles to gutters, Bob’s Custom Roofing has your roof covered. You may not know the dangers of a clogged or broken gutter, but the results can be serious. If left alone, your home could begin to leak and before you know it, you will have water damage and need to replace parts of your home. Not only is rotting wood dangerous, water can also cause mold. That is very hazardous to your health. Shingles is the number one roof repair we do in the Tucson area. Many times they become old and break, or a storm comes through and rips them off. This is also a cause of leaks to your home.


Storm Damage Repairs

Storm damage can cause a lot of damage to your Tucson home or business. Bob’s Custom Roofing hires only the best in the roofing business. We promise to take care of the job no matter how large or small it is. From missing shingles to tree damage we repair it all. Tree damage comes in all forms. It may only have ripped into your gutters or it could have went through your roof. We are equipped to handle any situation, give us a call today for storm damage repairs, we will even file your insurance claims.