Roof Repair in Tucson

If your roof has sustained damage, you need prompt and professional roof repair services to prevent leaks from damaging your home. Bob’s Custom Roofing has been delivering expert roof repair in Tucson for over 40 years. We work on both residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, our experienced roofers are fully insured, bonded, licensed, and certified for your peace of mind!

When you contract with our team for roof repair in Tucson, you can expect exceptional customer service delivered by courteous professionals. We take pride in our work because the safety and appearance of your home is important to us. Our customers receive free estimates and affordable roofing fees. Plus, we’ll even help you deal with any insurance claims for your roof damage and repairs!


Signs That You Need Roof Repair in Tucson


It isn’t always easy to determine if you need an estimate for a roof repair in Tucson. However, if you have a one-story home, you may be able to spot damage from the ground. Walk around the perimeter and look for indicators of damaged roofing, such as the following:

  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked or dented shingles, or shingles with curling edges
  • Shingles with areas of missing granules
  • Sagging or warping of the roof deck
  • Algae growth on the roof, or dark spots and streaks

If you clean your own gutters, you may also notice that your gutters contain granules or other pieces of shingles. If you don’t clean your own gutters, ask your cleaning company to let you know if they find any granules or bits of shingles in them.

In addition to checking for signs of damage on the outside, you can look for red flags on the interior of your home. For example, you may have signs of moisture damage. Go into your attic and check for signs of water staining, pooling water, or mold and mildew. Then, turn off the light in the attic and look up. If you see sunlight through the roof, you definitely need to schedule a prompt roof repair in Tucson.


Common Causes of Roof Damage


There are many possible reasons for requiring roof repair in Tucson. In this particular area, it’s common to sustain roof damage during the monsoon season. Heavy wind, rainfall, hail, and lightning can all inflict considerable damage on any type of roof. In addition, some other possible causes of roof damage include the following:

  • High heat and UV light exposure
  • Aging shingles
  • Poor roof maintenance
  • Improper installation of the roof

Here at Bob’s Custom Roofing, we often get called out to homes affected by the original roofer’s carelessness or negligence. Typically, homeowners are surprised to learn that the original roofing company who worked on their home failed to install flashing properly, for example. Alternatively, the original roofer may have neglected to use sealant or underlayment, or simply nailed down the shingles incorrectly. Fortunately, our experienced team has expertise in fixing the mistakes of other roofers. Call us today for your free estimate for a roof repair in Tucson!



Expert Roof Repair

Roof repair in Tucson

Our professionals can do any type of roof repair in Tucson. The most common type of roof repair we handle is shingle replacements. Shingles can sustain damage from high winds, falling branches, and simple wear and tear. If you’ve noticed any damaged or missing shingles on your roof, give us a call right away. Waiting too long to schedule a repair may mean that a minor problem turns into a major leak! In addition, our team can fix problems like pooling water, cracked flashing, broken tiles, and much more!

Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage repair in Tucson

Southern Arizona gets hit hard with severe storms during the monsoon season. However, storm damage can occur at any time of year from strong winds, downpours, hail, and falling trees or branches. No matter how minor or major your storm damage is, our expert team can fix it quickly. For fast, reliable, and affordable roof repair in Tucson, get in touch with Bob’s Custom Roofing today! In addition, please let us know if you would like us to help you with your insurance claim.