Roofing Products

While expert installation is essential when it comes to roofing, there is another important component to consider: the quality of your roofing products. When it comes to modern roofing materials, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Forget boring gray shingles. Instead, you can select from a wide variety of colored shingle options to complement the design of your home or business. Here’s a closer look at the different types of roofing products we offer at Bob’s Custom Roofing.

Different Types of Roofing Products

Tile Roofing Products

Tile roofing is a beautiful option to consider. It matches the Southwestern aesthetic well, making it a popular choice for roofing in Tucson. This type of roofing can last for several decades, and is not susceptible to damage from rot or insects. It’s a great option for eco-friendly households and businesses, as it helps to reduce heat transfer in and out of the home. Before you move forward with tile roofing, be sure to consult a professional roofing company to ensure that this type of roofing is ideal for your building. 

tile roofing products

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Products

There’s a reason why asphalt shingles are one of the most popular types of roofing in the country. Shingle roofing is affordable, long-lasting, and available in a wide range of colors. Asphalt shingles are typically made of fiberglass with an asphalt coating that is covered with granules. As a result of their composition, these shingles repel water and are fire-resistant. This type of roofing can also withstand storm damage very well. If any shingles become damaged, a roofing company can replace them quickly and affordably.

asphalt shingle roofing products

Selection of Colored Shingle Roofing Products. Click on Images to Enlarge.

harvest gold shingles - roofing products

Harvest Gold

natural timber colored shingles

Natural Timber

mountain slate shingles - roofing products

Mountain Slate

autumn brown  shingles - roofing products

Autumn Brown

black walnut colored shingles

Black Walnut

thunderstorm gray shingles - roofing products

Thunderstorm Grey

painted desert shingles - roofing products

Painted Desert

glacier white shingles - roofing products

Glacier White

rustic evergreen colored shingles

Rustic Evergreen

weathered wood colored shingles

Weathered Wood

rustic redwood colored shingles

Rustic Redwood

rustic black shingles - roofing products

Rustic Black

olde english shingles - roofing products

Olde English Pewter

rustic cedar colored shingles

Rustic Cedar

rustic slate colored shingles - roofing products

Rustic Slate

desert tan colored shingles - roofing products

Desert Tan Coating

Which Type of Roofing Products Are Right for Your Home or Business?

Whether you’re replacing your old roof or choosing a roofing option for a new building, you can count on the expert guidance of Bob’s Custom Roofing in Tucson. We’ll be happy to explain the pros and cons of our different roofing products to you. After evaluating your home or business, we’ll be able to suggest the best option for your budget, as well as for the construction and style of your building. Factors that we will consider include local regulations and HOA guidelines, the weight that your building can support, and the aesthetic of your building and neighboring buildings. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online or by phone. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation for your roofing project.