Hail and Storm Damage Repairs – Serving Tucson


Extremely large hailTucson is known for its severe storms. 95% of the time a storm will not affect your home in any way, shape, or form. The remaining 5% is where you need to worry. You should always have a plan on what to do if a disaster strikes your home. Bob’s Custom Roofing is here for all your storm damage needs. If you have recently had storm damage give us a call. We will help you file your insurance claims, as well as get your home or business back up and running at full speed. Our storm damaged roofing crew has inspectors that can come out to your home and provide you with a complete assessment of the damage done to your roof, and provide you with an accurate estimate before we get started. Give us a call today, and schedule an appointment.


Wind Damage

Wind damage can wreak havoc on your Tucson home or business. Wind will cause shingles to break off as well as for trees or limbs to fall onto your home or business. Shingles is minor damage and is easily fixed. A tree that has fallen on to your home or business is a different story. This is a delicate situation and everyone’s safety is involved. If you have had a tree or limbs fall on to your home do not hesitate to call us.


Hail Damage

Hail damage can damage your shingles as well as your gutters. If you have experienced hail damage to your Tucson business or home don’t hesitate to call. The faster your shingles or gutters are repaired, the less you have to worry about. If left your shingles or gutters could cause your home to leak, this is very damaging and will cost you a lot of money to fix. Take the easy road and call Bob’s Custom Roofing. Our rates are reasonable and our expert roofers have over 40 years in the roofing business