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At Bob’s Custom Roofing Inc in Tucson, AZ, we pride ourselves on being able to meet our client’s needs within the budget. Our professional team is made up of professional roofers, and we make every effort to offer our customers a high level of quality. No matter how complex the job, from roof coating to new construction, we have the experience and knowledge to do it right.


I have received your invoice and as I type this reply it is raining. This is the second shower since
the roofing work has been completed and not a drip inside do I find! Thank you for a job well done.





Dick Dana

Shingle Repair
“Thanks for the great service”



To Mark

Thank you for a wonderful job. I referred your company to several people.


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The roof looks great and I’m glad to have that done this month.
Thanks to all of you; you have a great crew.

Nancy Dinauer


8-16-15 –  Jim Moore

Thank you for your responsive and quality service. 


8/6/15 – Tony Gregg

You did a great job…thank you!


1/14/15 – Kevin B Howard Architects, Inc.
And Solar Path, LLC

Dear Bob’s Custom Roofing

We are excited to announce that the Reap residence was published in the Summer 2014 issue of Luxe Arizona Magazine.
We want to thank you for your part in making this home worthy to be published. We appreciate all your hard work and professionalism. Here’s to much success in 2015!

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5/13/15 – Sali Katz

What a wonderful job Bob’s group did on my concrete tile roof! Clean-up was perfect, and they even went the extra distance and painted over caulk lines left from a previous job. Another impressive extra was the addition of beautifully crafted copper caps to protect wood lintel extensions at the corners of my new roof.




4/17/15 – Eric & Nora Bellmann

We appreciate you also! This is the 3rd Job you have done for us in last 1 1/2 Years! Thank you for your professionalism!




4/17/15 – Jim and Margaret

Thanks for your tremendous help on our roof.




4/14/15 – Janet Burke

Thank you, very pleased with your excellent crew.




3/18/15 – Judy Tenen

Your crew was very neat & tidy…..I appreciate it!




3/17/15 – Bill Zadina

They were done in two working days and did and excellent job.




1/24/15 – Dorothy Steele

When I called for an estimate, the company’s guy come promptly and as scheduled. The estimate was complete, clear, and told me exactly what the process would include. Scheduling the work was complicated by rain; communication with Bob’s was good and I always knew what was going to happen when. The crew went to extraordinary lengths to make sure I was dried in before it rained; some flower pots that accidentally got tar on them were replaced complete with flowers in one day, at no charge to me, and a diffuser that broke upon removal was also replaced free. The final invoice was exactly what had been estimated – no hidden charges or add ons except for two sheets of plywood needed under the rooftop AC, which had been mentioned in the estimate. The people I talked to were all knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Bob’s Custom Roofing if you are looking for roof repair or replacement.





I want to thank you so much for doing the work with such care and professionalism. Everyone I worked with was great, especially Juan, Mark, and Steve Prall who were the three I actually talked to. Juan was a very good communicator and kept me in the loop as we had to work around the rain. The guys worked an incredibly long day in order to have me dried in before bad weather. Pots of flowers that accidentally received tar were replaced free. A diffuser that broke on removing it was replaced free. The new skylights admit so much more light.

I have already recommended your company to someone and will continue to do so in the future. Hope I can send some business your way.

Thanks again




12/18/14 – Linda McNichols

My husband is a contractor and VERY picky about work that is done on our home and who does that work. He talked to many different roofers and was not satisfied with any of them – until he talked to Juan at Bob’s. We have a very large, multi-level, combination flat and tile roof so it was a difficult job. The work took 3 weeks to complete. Bob’s was very flexible in scheduling work in order to help us gain access to large windows for resealing and cleaning prior to the start of the actual roof work, even though those delays affected Bob’s schedules. All of Bob’s workers were pleasant and conscientious and we are extremely happy with the finished product!




11/12/14 – Noel Andersen

They came back several times and patiently made sure the work was done right, as it kept leaking.




9/17/14 – Ken Betuel

Replaced roof. Went very well




7/15/14 – Paul Lawton

Company responded punctually in doing all it stated it would. Crew was efficient and cleaned up well after the job was done. The price came in at the same amount estimated. This was not the cheapest estimate, but I feel we got our money’s worth.




6/26/14 – Janice Estrada

I picked him only because I thought at the time that it just needed spot work but now it appears I need the whole roof. I picked him because of the estimate explanation and then the cost. They came and did the work really fast and had it done in the same day.




6/17/14 – Julie Williams

Fixed our roof and they didn’t have to do the entire roof just the areas that were bad. We haven’t had a leak since.
They were on time and finished inside a week. They also sealed our top caps so water doesn’t blow under them. We were happy.




6/5/14 – John Hinck

Requested an estimate for roof replacement…very professional…..little on the high end from cost standpoint.




5/28/14 – Elizabeth Foster

Roof repair. Very knowledgeable, courteous. Gave information and pricing on eventual roof replacement




4/22/13 – Calvin Bruce

They did the work on time. No problems were observed.




4/19/12 – John Maher

Called on a Friday, the estimator was there on Tuesday, made a decision Friday and work was begun the following Monday and completed on Thursday. Everyone was professional. They came to do a job, did it, cleaned up well. The first day was removal and prep. Second day repair and preparation for coatings. Third and fourth coatings and cleanup. AND the roof looks beautiful!




11/11/11 – Scott Blessley

Rather than drumming up business for himself or the company, he convinced me that what really needed to be done was far more straightforward than I had in mind — and that I could do it myself. He spent at least a half hour here, but charged me nothing (I feel bad for not offering some sort of “Consulting Fee” or at least gas money…

While “The List” gives more sway to reports that actually involved money, this sort of interaction show concern for the customer and I think, lends credibility to the Vendor. I would certainly call the company back (this guy, anyway) if I have other roofing needs.




10/31/11 – Linda Friedman

I think they are pretty good.




8/11/11 – Diane Rochford

After a bad storm, one half of my roofing tiles blew off. I called Bob’s Roofing, they came that day to install a temporary patch while I waited for my insurance company. After inspecting the roof, Bob recommended a whole roof replacement. The insurance adjuster said the other half of the roof was in good condition so they only would pay for half. I went with Bob’s recommendation and replaced the whole roof. I’m so glad I did! When Bob pulled off the ( undamaged ) part of the roof, there was felt missing and or cut through.Not very good at keeping the rain out! He took pictures for me to show the insurance company. We will see if they are going to pay for that half. I highly recommend Bob’s Custom Roofing.




5/24/11 – Richard Wachter

They were a little more expensive than the person I decided to go with. There was nothing that I really disliked about them. They have a good reputation and it’s just that I got a quote which was cheaper and I thought both were both competent companies. I have used them a number a years ago.




7/24/2006 – Jerry Voight






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