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Roof Coating

Built-Up (Flat/Asphalt) roofs are especially prone to suffering from intense Arizona heat. To protect your roof, we apply a roof coating so that your system stands a chance and is resistant to sun damages, while also enduring monsoons!
We work with excellent coating options for roofs with white, tan, or aluminum coating, on residential and commercial buildings. From fields to walls, we make sure that your roof has a beautiful coat that protects as great as it looks. In addition to coating, we seal up any imperfections that may have already reached your roofing system underneath, as well as redo the sealant on your roof projections.

Roof Replacement

Nothing is more important than making sure your home, family, or workers are safe and secure. When a roof has sustained significant damage or aged, trust in us to have a plan for your new system.
We work with a variety of products so whether you would like the same color, design, or want to try something new, we’ve got you covered. If your roof is soft to walk on, is missing granules, has deteriorated underlayment, damaged areas, or has reached its life expectancy, contact us today!

a solid roof from top to bottom

When moisture damage is so severe it reaches the plywood, sometimes the roof will evidently sag or feel soft upon walking. This creates a safety hazard, so when roofing a new system, we not only care about the outer appearance, we check the wooden decking and the surrounding fascia to make sure no rotten wood remains.

New Construction

The importance of building a new structure is getting everything right the first time. Whether it’s a porch, house, or business, you can count on us to make your plans a reality. We work with Contractors and Builders to make sure everything goes according to plan.

The importance of maintenance & Repairs

The lifespan of your roof not only depends on the products you use but also on timely maintenance and repairs. Maintenance involves recoating when it may be wearing thin, cracking in multiple areas, splitting on the field, exposing the material underneath, or has evidently sustained moisture damage. For tile and shingle roofs it’s important to replace broken tiles and missing shingles before the sun or rain can damage the area further. When areas are left unattended for too long they could cause major issues later on, leading to eventual replacement. If you’re unsure of what your roof needs, contact us today and we will give you an honest assessment.